“Just because the HOA says you can cut down a tree doesn’t mean you can,” Holden says. Failing to do so can incur substantial fines. Tree Replacement Plan - Required if removing more than 25% of the trees on the property. Once a tree is removed, it doesn’t always get replaced. HELPFUL INFORMATION Measuring Diameter Tree diameter is measured at 4.5ft above ground. The rules regarding tree removal differ from council to council, but Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and Local Environment Plans (LEPs) guide many of the decisions made. conditions, may be acceptable, but only with prior approval by Environmental Permitting. Size: The tree could grow to be too massive for the neighborhood when it has fully grown. Maintenance: Some trees require extra maintenance. 5-6, of the City’s Arbor Ordinance requires that a permit application is submitted to the City and a fee paid for each tree removal of 4” DBH* or larger, unless the tree is dead, diseased, or poses a clear and obvious safety hazard to structures or people. For example, an HOA may additionally require topping a tree for look purposes. The tree cost $1200 to cut down, haul off, and grind the stump. ACC Tree Removal Request *If you belong to another HOA group within Canterwood, ALL requests must be submitted to your own HOA for approval before a submittal to the ACC. Though all houses in this subdivision are independent houses, the subdivision was developed as a condominium. Some trees require additional maintenance. Even if the tree is the responsibility of the HOA to maintain, not yours, there may have been other reasons for not cutting it down beyond appearance. Connect with more clients, Getting quotes from trusted Tree Service Companies is Quick & Easy with Arborists Near Me, HOA Restrictions Regarding Your Trees: Know Your HOA’s Guidelines. Trees located in a common area, commercial property, or conservation area are regulated differently than residential street trees by Manatee County. Can be demonstrated to pose a safety hazard to persons or property through a written statement provided from a third-party certified arborist or other qualified individual with a degree in forestry. You must obtain approval from your local council prior to removing any tree(s) from your property. Homeowners might need to have dead or diseased trees quickly removed to continue … Please also spray/seal the cuts to avoid issues for surrounding trees. Some HOA’s only allow for trees in the community to grow to a certain height and width. The new legislation called, "Private Property Rights," allows property owners to remove, replant, prune, or trim a tree without approval from their local municipality. The Tree Removal Permit (TRP) application must be submitted through our Online Services system. Some common reasons are: . Before planting a tree, it is essential to know how tall it can get so you wouldn't have an issue with a view in the long run. Owner should ask HOA before cutting ... I’ve called and pleaded with the board to remove the three trees ... hidden agendas and creating new rules without consulting me or getting my approval. Homeowner has their option of tree maintenance entities for tree trimming. “Be sure homeowners check local … Safe Committee (now Firewise) for property owners to remove large mature trees. These are just a few of the reasons HOAs make strict rules about what kinds of trees you can plant and even where you can plant them. Many HOAs want to reduce the risk of liability and property damage. The unintended consequence is that it blocks the view of the mountains for about 10 percent of the homes (75 trees on about 1.75 acres). If the tree was larger and did require approval from the county they still would not require a surveyor plat. They may require you to plant a tree in your yard even if you do not really want to. You’re in a Home Owner’s Association that requires approval for tree removals; The tree is within 5 feet of a property line ; The death and/or disease of the tree is not evident to a layman; Make sure you leave at least 2 trees on your property; HOA Approval Needed. Trimming: I agree to cover the cost of trimming, as the tree is not on the HOA regular tree trimming schedule for the coming 12 month period. The tree could become too large for the neighborhood when it has fully grown. For questions, contact the Planning Division at (650) 903-6306. You will need to make sure your tree: Is properly trimmed. Trees can be safety concerns for homes and residents. Here’s what homeowners need to know about HOA guidelines and how to choose the right trees for strict neighborhoods. For more information on working with your HOA to find and care for your trees, contact us at Pete & Ron’s Tree Service, Inc. home | about us | services | reviews | tips and tricks | contact us. Not Pruning Trees -In order to live healthful and delightful, regular tree pruning is needed to remove dead limbs and broken branches, and to promote future growth. Failing To Remove or Replace Dead Trees - Some HOA through-laws are very strict concerning the removal of useless trees or trees that are dead on residential properties. Approved reasons for removing a street tree include: The tree is dead, diseased or in declining health. Follow these easy steps below: 1) Click on the link to the form you need 2) After you fill it out it, hit submit and it will be automagically sent to the HOA office. Finally, make sure all pruning alternatives have been considered. Many homeowners are shocked to discover that they do not have the final say over their landscaping. If I want to make an exterior modification to my home, do I need to get approval from the HOA? Without the right understanding, you can cause lasting damage to your tree’s health and appearance. If the tree grows taller than it should be, the HOA has the right to remove the tree. Unfortunately the home owner association stops approving any tree removal for a unknown period of time, except for diseased or dead trees … Poorly Maintained Lawns -One of the most distinguished sections of residential neighborhoods that have HOA’s is the lawn and panoramic outlook for the area. Some tree types are much more likely to snap or blow over in a hurricane. There is no fee for a tree permit. If a person would like a tree removed for other reasons than a possible danger, he or she would need to write the owner a tree-removal request letter stating the reasons they want the tree removed. Homeowners Association Approval may be required, check with your HOA. Once you have got your tree selected and planted, you will nonetheless be responsible for the health and growth of the tree, mainly if the tree lies in the vicinity of your home and is not being cared for via your HOA. Ryan D. Poliakoff Saturday Aug 5, 2017 at 12:01 AM. Chapter 5, Sec. Trees may be removed from properties without City permission as long as they are not located in the City’s four Tree Protected Areas: 1.